5 Reasons Why Olive Oil is Good for Your Skin

Olive oil is commonly used in food or cooking but did you know that it may also have therapeutic benefits to your skin? In every drop of olive oil that is put in Babata Handmade Soap, there are so many nutrients that will make your skin soft and healthy after every bath.  Here are some of the benefits of using Babata Handmade Soap with olive oil:

  1. Olive oil helps remove the toxins in skin. It contains antioxidants such as polyphenols, phytosterols, and vitamin E and these aids in eliminating toxins from the skin and leaves it soft and smooth. These contents of olive oil may also help prevent free radical damaging and helps shield from the damages caused by ultraviolet light. It may help your skin look younger.
  2. Unlike other cleaning chemicals, olive oil doesn’t clog the pores of the skin. It is very important that our skin can breathe and the pores remain unclogged so the toxins can be released. However, common soaps clog the pores with their chemicals and this prevents proper cleansing. The olive oil in Babata Handmade Soap has the ability to penetrate deep into the skin to cleanse the pores and leave them fresh.
  3. Olive oil exfoliates. Do you use exfoliants that are too harsh on the skin? Olive oil in Babata Handmade Soap has the same exfoliation properties in a gentle, organic formula. It may serves a natural way to get rid of dead skin cells that darkens your skin. After using Babata Handmade Soap with olive oil, it is likely that the epidermis of your skin will be glowing and renewed.
  4. Olive oil can help heal dryness of nail and cuticles. These are parts of the skin that often become dry due to daily activities. When washed with Babata Handmade Soap, the olive oil content helps to moisturize these parts and eliminate the development of dry skin.
  5. Olive oil may help keep your hair follicles healthy. Some customers have used Babata Handmade Soap as a replacement for shaving cream and feedback has been good. It can aid in shaving and leaves the skin moisturized.

Babata Handmade Soap uses finest olive oil as an active ingredient and this nourishes the skin in many ways. It leaves the skin glowing and moisturized. It may also serve as skin protection, cleanser, and beauty product all in one. Truly a wonder oil!

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