Soap 101

3 web copyBabata Handmade Soap is made in an old-fashioned manner where it is never in a hurry. The process of soap making is a labor of love and it requires lots of patience to perfect. Natural Glycerin was formed from saponification of Food Grade Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH), finest vegetable oils, butters, essential oils, herbs and other ingredients. Handmade soaps from the ingredients mentioned basically create natural cleanser, natural moisturizer, natural anti-bacterial, natural anti-fungal and natural exfoliant that has the capability to clean deeply and promotes new skin cell growth despite being so mild to the skin. Now that’s very powerful.  To achieve perfection, it takes four to six weeks of curing. It is definitely worth the wait because there are no other chemicals added so it’s gentle to the skin.  

One thing that describes Babata Handmade Soap is its finest ingredients. There are no complicated chemicals to make the soap good on the skin or smell good. Nothing goes overboard in creating the soap. If the ingredients are too much, the soap will not form with a good consistency. Thus, each Babata Handmade Soap handcrafted has the perfect restraint of finest ingredients that are simple, yet beneficial. Nothing more than what your beautiful skin needs. Each ingredient is carefully chosen by the maker with the help and advise of the experts. There are no artificial coloring . No dyes. No synthetic fragrances. Just pure goodness for your skin.

Babata Handmade Soap is simple, natural, powerful and locally produced in New York City. It offers all that you need to cleanse and moisturize your skin, all at a very affordable price. If you’re curious about the end product, do not hesitate to try out one bar of Babata Handmade Soap and you will see the difference from all the soaps out there.


You don’t need to be rich to help people.We can help people in any way and in any form. That’s why Babata Handmade Soap’s charity arm SOAP FOR A CAUSE continuously extend their hands to our dear and lovely 103 Children with Special Needs of the Special Education Department, Angono Elementary School, Angono Rizal Philippines last November 19, 2015. Monetary donation from soap profit were handed to Mrs. Maricel A. Latina, Principal witnessed by Dr. Wenie DC. Ananca, SPED Coordinator, AES, and Mr. Benito Picones, EPS in MAPEH and Division of Rizal Monitoring Official.

SOAP FOR A CAUSE partnered with local school board in the provinces. They choose students in the mountains and/or deserving Special Education School that needs assistance and has Educational Program that will enhance students self-help skills leading to possible light duties work employment in the future. There were evaluations and selection process before deciding which school/s will be chosen with he help of our professional volunteers in the field of Education, SPecial Educaiton and business sector. There are 2 branches that made this cause much meaningful. We support elementary level and high school level special education program. Support that is not limited to monetary donations, school equipment, books, software and technology materials and teachers materials and references.

One of the objectives of these branches is to motivate and encourage the parents and the Students with Special Needs to pursue education in the high school level because after high school and once these students’ self-help skills and light duties work skills are developed they could possibly land a light duties work employment applicable to what they can do through the help of our partner businessmen that are close to the proximity of the special education school. Because of the continues support of our friends, love ones, supporters and customers, we made a giant step in choosing Angono Elementary School’s Education Department as of one our adopted special education programs in the Philippines giving smile and hope to the 101 Children With Special Needs including their parents. This cause will not be a reality without the help of you. One small soap gives new hope, smile and encouragement to be able for our dear and lovely children to have a chance to tell the world they should not be neglected and make they lives much meaningful.

Again, thank you for making our dear and lovely kids smile. It will not end here. We will continuously help them and other children with special needs and children from the far flung mountains. “We will not just give them fish, we will continue to support their educational program focused on enhancing self-help skills leading to possible light duties employment to be able to learn how to catch fish.” Some says it is impossible. WE BELIEVE ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE especially if we will join and hold hands together to make a difference.