Soap 101

Calms and soothes my tired skin before going to bed…enjoyed the very mild scent that promotes relaxation. Thanks Myrna Cunanan!


 Hi Myrna, Thank you so much for the soap I got. St Fleur and I been using the (Lemongrass and Lavender) soap for the past two months now and our skin is soft as a new baby’s skin. The soap is very gentle. I was experiencing break out on my face, after using the soap I no longer break out as much. I even use the soap to wash my natural hair, the (Lavender soap) have all the natural ingredients that a naturalista uses. Great job Myrna Cunanan!

As soon as I got home, I have decided to say one word — SMOOTH as silk — my hands and my face never felt Babatà in years. I give it 5 stars for delivering a magnificent result to touch-VELVETY.

Hands up to this natural cleanser.

Keep it up!

I have only been using the Lavender and Oatmeal soap on my face since last Thursday. I already feel and see a difference in my skin. This soap is awesome!